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新概念学习集中注意力的6个建议 [复制链接]

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 下面为大家带来新概念英语学习:集中注意力的6个建议,希望对大家有所帮助。 8CZfz !2  
  We've allbeen there: Sitting at a desk or table studyingintently, and then…Wham! Thoughts from all over the place invade our brains and we getdistracted. If it's not our thoughts, it's ourroommates. Or neighbors. Or kids. 2wY|E<E  
  我们都有过这样的经历:本来是坐在桌子前专注地学习,然后来自四面八方的想法会涌入我们的大脑,最后就分心了。即使打扰我们的不是自己的想法,也有可能是我们的室友、邻居或小孩。 b~,e(D9DG  
  Thesestudy intruders take over, causing us to lose focus.And focus, friends, is what youneed to be able to study for any of the big tests, fromthe LSAT and MCAT to the SAT and ACT to just your average test in school. +:;ddV  
  这些干扰学习的因素出现,并导致我们不能集中注意力。朋友们,我们需要学习集中注意力来为一系列考试来做准备,不管是法学院入学考试、医学院入学考试、学业能力倾向测验还是平时在学校的测验。 Mg`!tFe3  
  So how doyou focus? These six steps will show you how to regainfocus if you get distracted, and how to set yourself upfor focused success before your study session ever begins. dE_Xd :>  
  怎样才能集中注意力呢?这六个步骤会帮助你在分心的时候重新集中注意力,并且在开始学习前就成功集中注意力。 N,Ma\D+^t  
  Alreadylost your focus? Check out 5 ways to get back on trackif your focus is already gone. 1$vGQ  
  已经丧失注意力了吗?如果你已经不能集中注意力,可以用下面的5种方法使你回到正轨。 hbx4[Pf  
  1. Get Ridof Obvious Distractions T[|#DMg$F  
  将明显的干扰物排除。 !2Nk  
  It's notsmart to study with your cell phone on, even if it'sset to vibrate. -|m3=#  
  学习的时候携带手机并不明智,即使你将它设成震动。 KM?4J6jH  
  As soon asyou get a text, you're going to look. You're human, after all! But remember, you can't focus on studying if you're chatting with someone else, too, so the cell phone should be offlimits. W`G bo uxd  
  你一收到短信,就开始打开手机看了,毕竟你也是个普通人。但你要记住,如果你和别人聊天,就不能把注意力放在学习上了,所以应该限制使用手机。 [G|.  
  Turn offthe computer, too (unless you're prepping on it) andany music with vocals. Study music should be lyric-free! Post a sign on your door for people to stay away. If you have kids, find a babysitter for an hour. If you have roommates, head out of the house to the least popular spot in the library oranother good study spot. For that one study session,make yourself inaccessible to people and other external study distractions, so you don't lose focus when someone wants to chat. xOe 1v9<  
  关上电脑(除非你正在使用)和音乐。学习的时候听音乐可一点都不抒情哦!在你的门上贴上一个标志,让旁人都回避。如果你有小孩,就让一个保姆照顾他一小时。如果你的室友也在,就离开房间,去图书馆找一个人少的地方,有其他好的学习地点也行。在学习的过程中,使你自己与其他人以及一些外界干扰学习的事物隔开,这样你就不会受到别人聊天的干扰了。 ]LC4rS  
  2.Anticipate Your Physical Needs 7 <^+)DsS?  
  预测你的生理需要 1z6aMd6.  
  If you'restudying intently, you're going to get thirsty. hc|A:v)]  
  如果你在专心致志地学习,可能就会口渴。 Qjj }k)  
  Grab abeverage before you open the book. You may even need a power snack while you'reworking, so grab some brain food, too. Use the bathroom, put on comfortableclothes (but not too cozy), set the air/heat to bestsuit you. If you anticipate your physical needs before you start studying, you'll be less likely to need to get out of your seat and lose thefocus you worked hard to gain. &IUA[{o~e  
  在看书之前准备好饮料。在工作的时候,你甚至需要点"能量零食",所以你也可以准备一些健脑食物。上个洗手间,穿上舒适的衣服(但也不用太舒适了),将冷气或暖气调到最适宜的温度。如果在学习之前,你已经解决了生理上的需求,就不太可能会离开座位,分散学习的注意力了。 QAV6{QShj  
  3. Choosean Appropriate Time #Zm`*s`  
  选择恰当的时间 vTK%8qoZ  
  If you'rea morning person, choose the a.m. for your studysession; if you're a night owl,choose the evening. You know yourself better than anyone else, so choose the time when you're at the height of your brain powerand the least tired. It'll be much more difficult to focus if you're battlingfatigue, too. =Q_1Mr4O  
  如果你是"早起鸟",就选择上午学习。如果你是个"猫头鹰",就选择晚上学习。你比任何人都了解你自己,所以你要选择一个大脑最活跃、精力最充沛的时间段。如果你一直在和疲劳抗争的话,就很难集中注意力了。 x *I'Ar  
  4. AnswerYour Internal Questions 89&9VX^A  
  回答你内心的问题 qB$-H' j:;  
  Sometimesthe distractions aren't coming from the external –they're invading from within! We've all sat down tostudy at some point and had worries and other internal distractions invade ourbrains. "When is she going to call me? When am Igoing to get a raise?" n>v1<^  
  有时候使你分心的事物不是来自于外界,而是源于内心!我们坐下来学习,就会有一些担忧和其他内部的干扰因素侵入我们的大脑。"她什么时候给我打电话?我什么时候才能加薪?" 7T)y"PZ  
  When thesedistracting questions invade, accept them, then push them aside with a logical answer: (10t,n$  
  当这些干扰性的问题侵入时,接受它们,然后用充满逻辑的回答将它们抛到一边。 _;PQt" ]  
  It seemssilly, but if you answer your own internal questions, you'll focus your mind back where you want it to go. If necessary, write the the worry down, solve it in asimplistic manner and move on. u* pQVU  
  这听起来很傻,但如果你回答了自己心中的问题,就会重新将注意力集中到你想的事情上。如果有必要的话,将这些苦恼都写下来,用简单的方法解决它,然后回到学习上。 Jq` Dvz  
  1."Whenam I going to get a raise?" Answer: "I will speak to my boss about it tomorrow." R1LirZlzJ  
  "我什么时候才能加薪?"回答:"明天就和老板聊一聊。" gV@xu)l  
 心,告诉自己一些积极的事。我知道自己没有集中注意力,但我会再试一次,确保这次能够成功。 >k"O3Pc@  
  5.Drinkyour favorite beverage while studying as a reward for your ability to stay focused.Keep it non-alcoholic! i 7]o[  
  学习的时候,喝你最喜欢的饮料作为注意力集中的奖励。但不要喝含酒精的饮料。 55O}SUs!P  
  更多的新概念英语知识也可关注北京新东方英语学习部的新概念班级,相信可以帮助到大家。 M]5l-i$  
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